More than 400 versatile transport and earthmoving experts at your service

With a history of 65 years of flexible and efficient service offered for Finnish companies and individuals, OAK is still continuously developing its operations to respond to its customers’ future needs, as well. Honouring our customers’ trust is one of our key principles, and we can proudly state that we have been rather successful in this respect. This is proven by the fact that, today, OAK is one of the biggest transportation and earthmoving service providers in Finland, with a wide range of services, a versatile fleet and a staff of more than 400 skilled professionals.

Uncompromising service and entrepreneurial spirit

OAK’s way of operating has always entailed a straightforward spirit of doing things, flexibility and taking the best possible care of the customer. Our professional drivers are private entrepreneurs and the owners of OAK. Their accumulative experience of several decades is at your disposal!

Leading terminal services in the North

OAK’s terminal, located in Oulu, is the logistic hub of the company’s operations, with shipments of all sizes passing through it around the clock. In the terminal, the goods are sorted, collected and, if necessary, packed at night to ensure that the orders are delivered to their destinations as quickly as possible. Our scheduled distribution routes cover the entire northern Finland.

Extensive fleet

Thanks to our appropriate equipment, we can guarantee the preservation of required product quality throughout our delivery chain. This is particularly important with thermo-controlled and frozen goods deliveries. OAK also rents storage space in its terminal for external customers. The rental agreement can also include product collection, sorting and delivery, as well as stock accounting.

Significant earthmoving operator

OAK also offers earthmoving services. We supply soil and provide skip and crane services for customer sites varying from single-family house projects to motorway construction. We have several earthmoving machines and sufficient transportation fleet for earthmoving contracts.

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