Quality and environment

Responsibility and respect for high quality and the environment

ISO 9001 quality certificate in 1997

ISO 14001 environmental certificate in 2011

We produce transportation and earthmoving services according to our customers’ specifications and in compliance with all legislative requirements and regulations.

In our transportation services, we pay particular attention to proper timing and the preservation of the quality of the customer’s goods. In earthmoving, we particularly focus on keeping the agreed schedules and supplying materials that meet the customer’s specifications.

We take our stakeholders’ needs and expectations into account in all of our operations. Based on interaction with our stakeholders, we set quality and environmental goals for ourselves and our partners, and we also monitor the achieved results.

Aiming at sustainable development

We continuously strive to improve our operations and set new, increasingly challenging goals.  After defining the most significant environmental aspects, we have set our aim at continuously reducing our fuel and energy consumption.

To endorse our quality and environmental goals, we conduct quality control and train our employees and subcontractors.  We pay attention to environmental aspects in our activities in order to lay a foundation for preventive environmental efforts.

We continuously enhance our employees’ competencies and encourage them to participate in our environmental and quality improvement work.

We audit our operating policies regularly and communicate with our stakeholders.

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