For transport companies

Would you like to be a transport operator for a well organised, efficient company owned by its partner entrepreneurs – OAK? Welcome! We can offer you a big company’s expert services to support your business, as well as economies of scale in purchases.

Oulun Autokuljetus Oy has been owned by its partner entrepreneurs for 65 years. As a major company, it can offer its partners the opportunity to focus on developing their respective businesses, while OAK takes care of customer negotiations and provides you access to big projects. As a partner, you can also influence OAK’s activities.

A big company can negotiate beneficial deals for its partners, for example, on fuel. OAK partners are released from many routine tasks, but they always receive the agreed payments at the agreed time.

We require that our partner entrepreneurs have contemporary equipment and all due licences in place. In addition, they must fulfil all obligations stipulated in the Act on the Contractor’s Obligations and Liability and commit to OAK’s environmental and quality requirements, as well as other operational requirements.

If you are interested in becoming an OAK partner, contact us for more information: Managing Director Jaana Kokko +358 44 712 5852.

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