Cargo services

OAK provides your company with complete transportation solutions. You can focus on your core competencies while our experts handle your cargo. OAK’s cargo services cover all of Finland and also extend to other Nordic countries. We have special expertise in transporting industrial products, bulk and palletised items, as well as thermo-controlled food product transportations. We can also offer full cargo service including distribution network planning, scheduling, transportation, storage and delivery.

Delivery transportation

OAK’s delivery services cover an extensive network of refrigerated and frozen goods deliveries in Northern Finland.  Our delivery client base mainly consists of central trading companies and food industry companies.  We use vehicles specially equipped for refrigerator and frozen goods transportation. Our daily delivery operations involve approximately 30 vehicles.

Thanks to our extensive subcontractor network, we can provide your company with thermo-controlled deliveries anywhere in Finland.

Foreign transportation

OAK’s foreign transportation services mainly comprise customised, flexible thermo-controlled deliveries in the Nordic countries.  Our internationally operating client base consists of central trading companies, food industry companies and representatives of the basic industry.

Our main operating area comprises, in addition to Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Expanding our operations, we will also be able to provide transportation to other parts of Europe. We run our daily international routes using approximately 15 full or articulated trailer trucks.

Express transportation

OAK is an independent cargo service provider offering customised transportation services for businesses and industry in Finland and other Nordic countries. Thermo-controlled food product deliveries form the biggest part of our operations.

 Refrigerated transportation with special equipment

 Our vehicles are specially equipped to handle demanding thermo-controlled deliveries as well as various industrial transportations. We have, for example, full trailers with side-opening doors. We run our daily domestic routes using approximately 80 thermo-controlled full trailer trucks.

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